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The Sonic Comic-A Comic About Sonic

A comic about sonic and the gang getting into trouble (Big surprise there) on new adventures!

Characters: Sonic: The blue hedgehog that we all know. Unlike in other comics, Sonic will be much smarter in this one. He loves hanging out with his friends Tails and Knuckles. Tails: The flying fox with two tails is always by Sonics side, helping him out. His two flying tails and his genius-ness make him a valuable friend. Knuckles: The gullible Echidna with spikes for knuckles, is a powerful friend (And sometimes enemy) for Sonic and Tails. Unfortunately, he usually falls for Dr. Eggmans tricks, and Sonic has to make him see the truth. Da J Man (A.K.A: The Author): As you may have guessed, that is me. I always sometimes help Sonic and the gang when they need help. Unless I am in the plot, you will usually only see me when there are announcements to make. Rick: He is crazy, he is crazy, he is crazy, oh, and did I mention that HE IS CRAZY!? Sam: Moderately smart, annoyed really easily, knowing Rick for a long time probably had a lot to do with it. Max: Max is an Echidox (Pronounced: Uh-Kid-Ox), which is a combination of an Echidna and a Fox, he tries to be as epic as he can, being kind of crazy in the process, and normally succeeds at that. He is strong, tough, and well-disciplined. The only time he isn't a great ally is when he's against you.


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